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gireragir [Nov. 20th, 2005|02:31 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Zone of the Enders "Kiss me Sunlight"]

all right well I just finished painting my room so now I can offically move in and start living there . yeah I know I have been lazy about getting stuff done to move out but I really want to move out before the holidays so problly monday I will be moving my furniture thier ,I will be my closet soon .

ok mow the more pressiong mattters our place doesn't have ant shower curtions witch is a problem so I have taken it apoun my self to find some shower curtions . I would like to get straw berry short cake or any superheros or anime or video game shower curtions but I have no idea where I can find any so if any body knows where I can get some get a hold of me soon.

also when every body is moved in we will be throwing a house warming party and of course if you are reading this you are invited .the party won't be till december/new years . me and shug thought it would be cool to have a stripper pole for the party so I will make one at work all I need to do is find a pole with out rust on it . if I can't well I will just use the one in the back yard don't worry I will get rid of all the rust and paint it .

if you have any questions just call my here is my number if any one doens't have it 419 571 0433 call any time day/night

well I got nothing